The Newport Casino Journal


The Newport Casino Journal

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The International Tennis Hall of Fame is set in The Newport Casino, a National Historic Landmark that was first opened on July 26, 1880 as a social club for Newport’s turn of the century summer elite.

The Newport Casino logo was used on everything from official club documents & event invitations, to serving dishes and silverware. Now you can take this iconic logo home on the ITHF exclusive suede cover journel.

Features and Details

-The cover of the journal features the Stanford White design element of gilt flames.

 The gilt flames lap in a continuous band around the original billiards room of the original Newport Casino (now the Woolard Family Enshrinement Gallery).

-Ribbon bookmark

-Suede cover


Large: 6" x 8.25", unlined
Small: 4.25" x 6", lined

-Exclusively sold at International Tennis Hall of Fame

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